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Welcome to the
Quaker Education Conference 2022/23

How can education create a better world?

The aim of the Quaker Education Conference programme is to explore important questions.  The question we have chosen for this year is ‘How can education create a better world?’

Over the academic year 2022/23 we want to share, encourage, learn, communicate, evolve, educate, and seek consensus on the best ways to achieve our mission.

There are several ways in which you can take part

Watch some of the videos below and let us know what you think

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A new programme for anyone interested in the future of Quaker education

What we're doing

‘We may not all be teachers, but we are all communicators, and we all need to be learners.’

Quaker Faith and Practice, 23.84

We are launching an annual conference programme which will pose questions in a spirit of openness and desire to learn from, and share with, others around the world.  We believe everyone has something to contribute and we can all learn from the experience of others.  The conference will encourage participation across the world and age range, whilst giving our young people, in particular, the opportunity to lead on the questions that will shape their futures.

The question we are proposing for the first QED Conference is:

‘How can education create a better world?’

We will hold a series of on-line talks and discussions between January and February 2023 which will help to inform and initiate ideas from participants around the world.  These sessions are open to anyone and we encourage sign up via the link below.

This website will be available to capture ideas and to act as a portal for information and resources that can be used by anyone interested in education.

We will strongly encourage a focus on practical ideas and solutions that participants can take away and implement.

There will be a physical conference in York in June 2023 which will allow students from around the world to come and share ideas which can then be progressed over the following months.

Students will produce a record of the ideas and pledges for change which can be followed up and escalated via the website and social media channels.There 

How can education create a better world?


30 second responses to our question: How can education create a better world?

What do you think?

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How can education create a better world?

Our live conference is on 10 june

This is open to Year 12 students.  If you would like to apply please contact us

Teachers of students in Year 12

Do you have students Who would like to join us on 10 June?