Quaker Education Conference

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the on-line conferences

We are holding two on-line conferences which will be open to anyone interested in how education can create a better world

Our on-line conferences will be held at 7pm on 25 January and 23 February 2023.

These events are open to everyone and will consist of a series of presentations designed to stimulate interest and discussion.


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Wednesday 25 January 2023, 7pm



Outline programme 25 January 2023

Conference Schedule

Join us for 60 minutes of stimulating presentations and discussion.

Full programme to follow soon.

Please register with us today and reserve your space 

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Shabnam Anam

Lecturer in race and leadership

Richard Gerver

Educator and thought leadership

Paul Parker

Quakers in Britain

Rachel Tomlinson

Head at Barrowford Primary School

Martyn Beer

Bootham School